Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday 11-13 >>>> TJOVI GINEN Meets AFROSONIC

Friday promises to be another "don't miss" night @ The Blk Rep
This time around The AfroSonic Collective along w/ The Black Rep are proud to bring you


along with special guests:
Tjovi Ginen
[Haitian Roots Music]
TJOVI GINEN, which roughly means “children or spirit of Africa”, invokes their message of freedom through a blend of African, Latin and Haitian vodou rhythms. Their lyrics lace each track with Reggae, Ska and Jamaican dub poetry which unfold stories of struggle and triumph, pain and power, love and more love for each other and ourselves. Daniel Laurent, founder and leader of TJOVI GINEN, fled Duvalier’s brutal regime with his family at the age of 11. Educated at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and Harvard University, Laurent immersed himself in the Haitian music scene in Boston, singing and managing the group, Batwel Rada in the early 90s. He studied the tanbou, the nuances of Haitian vodou rhythms and the origins of rara- spiritual street festival music. As the Haitian Roots Movement began to reach its peak and Haiti became a political volcano, Laurent branched out with (Smith Nazaire), A.K.A, Atibon Legba, Ralph Gasparello and formed TJOVI GINEN – a more politically charged collective that incorporates the roots and rhythms of the island nation and its mother, Africa. TJOVI GINEN is a primary example of how Haitian roots music has no boundaries and embraces all colors, nations and creeds. A mainstay in the Boston music scene, Daniel Laurent moved to New York city in the late 90's and reformed TJOVI GINEN with an ensemble of seasoned musicians representing their Latin, African and American culture and history all supported by the tanbou, vodou rhythms, and Haitian chants. Ralph Gasparello and Atibon Legba Rejoined the project in the last three years to continue the musical path they started in Cambridge Ma. The problems of Haiti are universal – struggle, oppression, poverty – global conditions, but in the words of its founder, TJOVI GINEN’s music is “vibrant…taking root in both Africa and Haiti, so we know that there’s joy in the message and in the struggle.”

Make sure not to miss a VERY SPECIAL night of genre defying music at the Black Rep.

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